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Seven Tough “Taking Stock” Questions

“He who asks questions cannot avoid the answers” Cameroonian proverb So I just recently ruminated on how our individual success can be measured by “Being grateful”. (And I even threw in a Biblical reference for good measure!)  However, an old saying also states, “If you do what you have always done… you will get what […]

Do you appreciate the potential you have?

I seldom quote the Bible in business. (Even though virtually all Bible principles can help us find business success. Don’t get me started…) However, maybe  the recipe to FEEL successful in business (and life) is based on four little words found at the end of Colossians  3: 16: “And show yourselves thankful.” That’s right- if […]

The balancing act of business (and life)

The late, brilliant write Stephen R. Covey stated, “It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the thick of thin things.” So true in all areas of life- we get “bogged down” in trivial matters, negative emotions and toxic relationships. But this is a business website specifically focused on helping companies providing residential services. So […]