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The balancing act of business (and life)

The late, brilliant write Stephen R. Covey stated, “It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the thick of thin things.” So true in all areas of life- we get “bogged down” in trivial matters, negative emotions and toxic relationships. But this is a business website specifically focused on helping companies providing residential services. So […]

So WHO is this yo-yo!

Yep! it is ME! Steve Toburen! And what makes me qualified to tell YOU how to run YOUR residential services business! NOTHING (After all I know little about the technical side of the service you provide and yes, in fact it would bore me to hear about it- check out my previous blog post if you doubt me!) […]

Don’t bore me with WHAT you do!

Yes, I know you started your HVAC, lawn care, carpet cleaning, plumbing, ya-da, ya-da you insert the residential business because you knew how to do the work. And yet guess what- it doesn’t matter what you DO. (I know this may be shocking, even offensive heresy!) But bear with me… At the end of the […]