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So WHO is this yo-yo!

Yep! it is ME! Steve Toburen! And what makes me qualified to tell YOU how to run YOUR residential services business! NOTHING (After all I know little about the technical side of the service you provide and yes, in fact it would bore me to hear about it- check out my previous blog post if you doubt me!) […]

Don’t bore me with WHAT you do!

Yes, I know you started your HVAC, lawn care, carpet cleaning, plumbing, ya-da, ya-da you insert the residential business because you knew how to do the work. And yet guess what- it doesn’t matter what you DO. (I know this may be shocking, even offensive heresy!) But bear with me… At the end of the […]

It’s all about “Cheerleaders”!

So what is a “Customer Cheerleader”? Simply stated a Cheerleader is an “unpaid salesperson” for your company. These clients LOVE your service, employees, company and yes- YOU so much that they passionately promote (and push!) your services to their friends, neighbors and associates. NOTE: Then these delighted Cheerleader Customers go online and preach your virtues […]